1-2Let’s be honest, college life is expensive. There are so many things to buy: laptop, bedding, cooking supplies, books, tuition, school supplies, etc. You might be surprised to see how quickly your money can leave your savings account. Try these nifty tricks to save some extra cash.


Become your own personal chef

It’s easy to grab fast food between classes, but five to ten dollars a day can really add up. It’s time to make a change! Take time to prepare your food on Sunday night. You might be thinking that you don’t have any additional time to sit down and create meals. It could be as easy as dumping a bunch of vegetables and meat into a slow cooker while you study. Make sure to clip coupons! Just buying fast food lunches instead of packing your own meals can cost around $2,000 extra a year on average!

Take advantage of student discounts.

There are more student discounts out there then you might think there is. Here are a few places that will help you save a couple dollars. The Fedex Office will give you a 30% discount on documents and 20% on shipping services. Amazon gives students free two-day shipping for six months. They will also give discounted Prime offers. JCrew and Madewell will give students a 15% off all full priced items. The Apple Store offers education pricing for students with up to $200 off a new Mac! It’s about time that you take advantage of all the deals you could be scoring at various stores.

Get Scrappy with your room and board

If you’re searching for a new apartment or house to live in then try negotiating a cheaper price. If they’re offering rent for $500 a month then try negotiating it down to $450 or $400. It never hurts to try. Get a roommate to share the cost of a room or apartment. This will make a huge difference, but make sure to screen potential roommates before. Check out semi-furnished apartments near campus.

Check out other car options

Riding a bike will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you think you can manage just having a bike then it could be the best money saving option out there. If you do have a car then find an insurer that offers a discount for good grades. Try taking Zipcars and Lyft or Uber rides.

Have fun on a budget

College is the time to have fun! This will be easy with free campus events and local specials. Look for festivals, lectures, and plays in your community. Try bringing cash to events to avoid spending more than you have budget for.


Can you think of more money saving tips? Please let us know in the comment selection below.