It’s that time of the year, but you’re still a valiant procrastinator. That’s fine, most of us are in the same predicament. That’s why we came up with some last-minute gift ideas you can give to your roommates, classmates, family members, or friends.

  1. Personalize a cutting board for a person that loves to cook. Tutorial here
  2. Plan a road trip with them by buying a map and hand stitching the route.
  3. Make a basket of all their favorite food items
  4. Promise to learn a new hobby with them
  5. Plan a friend date night and get movie tickets
  6. Store some memories in a jar by using olive oil. Tutorial here
  7. Write them 25 reasons why you love them.
  8. Make a personal zen garden. Tutorial here
  9. Bake them cookies
  10. Buy them a StudyMode subscription!

Happy Holidays!