Studying for the GRE can be very daunting at times. The pressure to do well can make anyone stress out and want to quit. This is why we came up with certain study tips just for the GRE. Buckle up and sharpen those pencils, it’s time to get studying!


Tip #1 Find a quiet and chill place to study

Just like when you’re trying to study for any big exam you need to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Some common areas to sit back and start hitting the books could be a bookstore, a library, an empty classroom, or the corner of a coffee shop. Just make sure to eliminate any big distractions. That might mean leaving your cell phone at home.


Tip #2 Study in chunks

The GRE covers everything from verbal reasoning to mathematics. Take each day to focus on one problem area. Try creating a schedule where you can write out what topics you will cover and when. This will help prepare your mind for what is next.


Tip #3 Ask for help

Most of the time you want to figure out problem sets yourself, because you think that is the best way to learn. Wrong. Get it right the first time by asking someone that has either already taken the GRE or knows that subject really well. Sometimes you don’t have the time to be stuck struggling with a certain problem or subject. Find help.


Tip #4 Take as many practice tests as you can

Taking a practice test is the best way to know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t be afraid to take them. It might seem like a difficult task but you will be happy once you take the GRE.


Tip #5 Relax

Don’t get yourself stressed out about the GRE. Stress can cause so many problems for your mind and body. Take a couple deep breaths and calm down as you study. If you can’t figure something out, skip it and come back to it later.
I hope these tips helped you out! Good luck with taking the GRE!