30-60-90 Plan Example

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Sample 90 Day Sales Plan

First 30 Days

Meet and discuss with upper management to prioritize what is expected of me, within a specified time frame. The goal would be to narrow the focus on a new business sales strategy leading to positive growth for the region.

Set up communication/data network (phones, pagers, fax, computer, and office, business cards). Submit all HR/admin. paperwork required by company.

Begin to meet personally with each sales representative in the region to get to know them and become familiar with sales process:

Discuss successes
Discuss challenges (i.e. competitive threats etc.)
Discuss expectations of me
Discuss my management to ensure we "start on the same page". Discuss his/her goals.
Discuss my goals
Identify target accounts and together, establish a game plan to exceed goals. Identify key decision makers who I need to meet immediately in their territory.

Obtain management and/or basic training on sales process, products, clinical procedures, etc. Focus on entire product line and key advantages vs. competition.

Submit report on progress; by territory, and entire region.

30-60 Days

From discussions with sales representatives and company managers, formulate a plan to maximize the potential of existing product line an how it can be expanded to ensure representatives are exploring new opportunities.

Follow up with sales representatives and address immediate needs to establish a level of trust, communication, and sense of teamwork. "Your needs are my needs". Also attempt to use this visit to determine a business plan that ensures products are getting proper exposure.

Meet with key, influential decision makers within the region, that are (or could be) used as "third party" spokesman.

Ensure all plans for first 30 days are completed.

Report on progress for this 30 day period

60-90 Days...
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