4 p s and c s

Topics: Marketing, Cost, Consultative selling Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Andrew Auriemma

Professor Walwyn


The marking mix is everything a company does to the demand for its products. There are four groups in which this can be done, price, product, place, and promotion. Product is what the company is offering. An example of this is MacBook. The product comes with a laptop, which has everything from keys to a mouse keypad. It also comes with a charger. There are all-different types of MacBook’s and most come with a warranty. Then there is price. Price comes from the three other p’s (product, place, and promotion). A company must decide what is a reasonable price for the product where the consumer will buy. If it is at a wrong price the consumer wont buy but the company must make profit. Promotion is the advertising of the product. Promotion is all about investing money so you can get customers to know about your product and then buy it. After that there is place. Place is when your products will be offered, there location. A company wants there product in the right stores so people can see it and buy it. An example of this is selling cereal. You would rather have a big supermarket have you product then a little deli. A supermarket will sell more of your product. The problem with the four P’s is that this is all about the producer’s point of view. They don’t go buy the consumers. A lot of company’s want the consumers point of view so they use the 4 C’s. The four C’s are customer solution, customer cost, communication, and convenience. The first C is consumer cost. Consumer cost has to due with price. Price has a lot to do with how much your product is going to be bought and sold. You can’t put your price to expensive because nobody will buy it but you also can’t make it to cheap because then you wont get enough profit. With using the consumer’s point of view you can put a price on a product by seeing the cost to deliver it, and to make it. The second C is customer solution. This has to due entirely with what...
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