Abraham Lincoln Leader Essay

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Abraham Lincoln – An Unforgettable Leader

February 24, 2013

A U.S. President that I first learned about in Elementary School, who still resonates in society today, is Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln demonstrated a substantial amount of qualities that made him an admired and inspirational leader. He was best known for being a servant leader. “Servant leadership emphasizes that leaders be attentive to the concerns of their followers, empathize with them, and nurture them” (Northouse 2013). Lincoln possessed a characteristic of being able lead through his acts of humanity and service. Servant leaders are able to use their strong morals and values and lead with an ethical mindset. One of the goals of a great leader is to motivate others to action, and traditionally leaders try to lead with power, but many fail to motivate with both power and humanistic traits.  Abraham Lincoln was able to keep his goals in mind while maintaining his humble spirit. He was able to listen to his Cabinet’s different point of views and not shut anyone’s opinions and ideas out simply because he was the President. Lincoln’s appeal comes “from where he came from and where he led the country. It was the most defining moment in our nation’s history.” (USATODAY.com)

Abraham Lincoln was able to demonstrate servant leadership during the Civil War. By freeing the slaves, he was showing his compassion for humanity and had a greater good in mind for the people of his nation, which in turn served for future generations. Lincoln was committed to the growth of the people of his nation, and made a conscious decision in his presidency to serve first. “Lincoln recognized that the fundamental American values of liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness were possessed by all Americans” (Dr. Charles M. Hubbard 2011). The ability to empathize is a valuable characteristic of a servant leader. The ability to empathize with those who were discriminated against


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