Art and an Evaluation of Andy Warhol's Work

Topics: Pop art, Campbell's Soup Cans, Andy Warhol Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Andy Warhol - Campbell's Soup (Tomato) Can Evaluation - Rebecca Hogg

Andy Warhol, American Pop Artist,1930-1987. This is a Silkscreen on canvas in 1962. Of all the varieties of soup that Warhol produced, Tomato was his most valued. In this print, the can stands alone. It stands just as one can with nothing else around it, no objects. I think Warhol chose the soup can as the modern or "in-thing" of his time was being able to print recognisable icons that were known to everyone in that specific time. I think Warhol chose this as although the soup can is quite a simple object, it is eye-catching and a well-known brand. It represents the principles of Pop Art. Warhol conveys a cartoon-like effect in this print. There's a young and naive feel to it with the simple shape and bold print on the can. The overall print of the soup can seems to be quite thick blocks of colour and text wise, bold font. The replica of this Campbell's Soup Can has many variations, different flavours of soup and also different compositions, such as the can being opened and at a different angle. Other forms of the replica's have quite simply been a repeat and put together but all different flavours. I think the most important parts of this picture would be the text, it stands out as soon as you glance at the print, also the fact that "SOUP" is in black compared to the white and red overall gives a slight edge to the print and makes it most interesting. Yet, the focal point of this print would have to be the stamp in the middle, as not just because of the position but the amount of detail in the tiny space, makes it intriguing and makes you want to look in more depth to the can. I think this print is quite a statement that, even though it is just a can, it is bold and detailed. Though, I think the colour isn't too interesting or bright the text and interesting amount of detail stands well. The repeat patterns created in visual art work, at the near bottom of the can give it more depth. The...
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