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Child Obesity Article Review
September 7, 2014
Ahmed Jamal
Child Obesity Article Review
A leading community health issue throughout the world would be obesity. The Albemarle Regional Health Services in Perquimans County offers informative education about obesity. The background provides the ability to educate patients and family with the skills needed to self-manage his or her health. Patients with obesity issues can expect to live a full and productive life, however; changes in lifestyle and diet are necessary. The Albemarle Regional Health focuses on teaching patients the proper ways of making the alterations easier so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Community Health Issue and How the Community is Affected

Obesity has and always will be in the general category of a serious health issue throughout the United States. The concern for childhood obesity have grown to a government level requiring action to help children to eat healthy and encourage physical activity. One of the causes for childhood obesity is the calorie intake and calories utilized. Several factors such as genetics, behavioral and environmental can enhance the chances of childhood obesity. The concerns for childhood obesity have grown as well as the number of children suffering from this condition. The importance is to educate parents and children on eating healthy. This has become vital to children’s health. This is an epidemic of obesity, and children can develop long-term illnesses. The illnesses contracted due to childhood obesity are diabetes, heart disease, physical and social health problems.

We as parents can end the problem of childhood obesity at all levels. All we need to do is find levels of education, prevention and intervention. By educating the community along with parents and the children to promote healthy eating is being done by providing them with education facts. By educating parents, facilities and children this can show how to promote healthy eating; physical activity can prevent long-term illnesses. Intervention for parents of those children currently suffering from childhood obesity is vital to help with knowing good nutrition, and bad nutrition. These interventions will also help parents understand about how to help their children eat healthy, help with physical activity and eliminate the chances of long-term illnesses.

How long has this been a problem?

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic over the years in not just local communities but, nationally and internationally. The large amount of children suffering from childhood obesity has grown over the years. One or more factors contribute to the development of childhood obesity. Such factors are genetics, behavioral (poor eating habits) and environmental (physical activity). Childhood obesity can cause physical, psychological, and social health problems. One of the most recent strategies used to help in this is interventions to prevent and control childhood obesity. The purpose of the article is to discover the factors influencing childhood obesity as well as the use of various interventions and governmental actions addressing obesity while getting an understanding of the challenges for managing the epidemic, and finding a solution to help with this.

How has community responded?
For the children who is overweight, the goal should be to reduce severity of obesity and to treat, reduce, and eliminate comorbidities. As a community we know that childhood obesity is a growing epidemic and we can change that if we make it a priority and get the funding for projects to help get the information out on the prevention of this, by doing this we can help them live longer healthier lives and be more productive youth. Conclusion

We as parents have to be more involved in our children lives when it comes to their health. The more physical activity that the children have the less chance they will have to become obese. Also by slowing down their intake...

References: Albemarle Regional Health Services, Obesity Care Program, © 2014-2015,
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