Battle Between Retro And Now

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The Battle between Retro and Now

In doing research on the music genre Hip-Hop, there is a general consensus that it has changed rather than evolved from the positive times of the 20th Century. There is a distinct difference between evolving and changing because evolution is more of a development that is more positive than negative. Many people feel as though Hip-Hop is not used as an agent of change anymore because it requires little talent to be famous now. Artists in the industry now don’t even say that they are MC’s of the game, they just say they rap. The reason why that is a big deal is because MC stands for microphone controller, which meant people had respect for your skills or craft and you showed respect towards...

DJ Kool Herc moved to the United States from Kingston, Jamaica and settled in the West Bronx of New York. He attempted to incorporate his disc jockeying style that he used in Jamaica, which involved reciting improvised rhymes over reggae record. The downfall in his attempt was that the area of New York was disinterested in reggae during the time. This fueled DJ Kool Herc into finding another appealing sound in order to please his audiences. Kool Herc’s creative new style involved chanting over the instrumental or percussion sections of the popular music of the day. In making his creation, he learned that by taking two identical records using an audio mixer, he could play any segment over and over, which extended one segment for entire song. As this phenomenon grew, the party shouts occurred and DJs began to incorporate little rhymes such as “throw your hands in the air and raise em like you just don’t care.” As Hip-Hop music began to spread throughout the urban community of New York, many people began to use it as a form of expression that offered unlimited...

By this time, technology had advanced to a point where music could be made easily with electronics. More and more record labels were created to comfort this new style because of the revenue that was made in the industry. The efficiency of how disposable music had become, also played an integral part in the development of modern rap. Modern Rap wasn’t just discovered by a single individual, it was more of a collective effort that was not purposely done. A substantial amount of the content produced in Modern Rap came from the southern region of the United States. The primary southern source of music came from Atlanta, as there were multiple hits hitting the music charts every week.
In studying the two different genres of music, I found out that there are similarities between 20th Century Hip-Hop and Modern Rap. The most distinct similarity in the genres is the fact that they are heavily populated with the African-American race. An African-American founded Hip-Hop, so it would be customary for African-Americans to keep it going and expand it to new levels. Hip-Hop is considered part of the African-American culture as it is an expression of life where African-Americans are free mentally and physically. That aspect of the genre hasn't changed as Modern Rap still expresses...
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