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Topics: Gender, Calamity Jane, American Old West Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: March 11, 2015
University of 08 Mai 1945 Guelma
Department of English

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Tender Calamity: Discovering the Hidden Feminism Character of Masculinity Transgressor

Student: Roia Zenata
Supervisor: Dr. Hamdi
Group: 5


“Women as Self, Women as Other: (De) Constructing Female Identities and Representations” is the topic that the International Colloquium has addressed. It was an interesting one. Where the different speakers tried to highlight and examine how “Feminine” is (de) constructed, (r) defined and identified in different contexts, discourses and practices. In my essay, I am going to tackle Dr. Ladi Toulghui’s talk about: “Calamity Jane, Tender Calamity: Discovering the Hidden Feminism Character of Masculinity Transgressor.”

Calamity Jane was a woman of the Wild West. She was known for her hybrid character and cross-dressing. She was a fearless rider who shot remarkably well, a liqueur addict[,] and a reckless[,] adventurous woman.

[She was,] however, known [for] her kindness towards others.

Her real name [was] Martha Jane Cannary. She was born in 1852, in Princeton Missouri. [At the age of (?),] she moved with her family to Montana. [After the death of her parents in the year (?),] she moved from the south to the [upper northwest.] [Here,] she worked as a cook, a nurse, a prostitute, a miner…

[With her rough riding, gun-slinging reputation,] Calamity Jane became the legend of the Wild West. She was even involved in the military conflicts and [the] pursuit of American Indians. Jane [was] a transgressor. She is a woman, yet she dresse[d] in trousers and [rode] shotgun on the stagecoach. She knew from the beginning that she will be lost[;] [a lost wanderer] between femininity and masculinity. She wrote unsent letters to her imposter[,] darling daughter. These letters collected all together formed a diary; [one which] showed Calamity Jane as a transgressor. This answered Dr.Toulgui’s...
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