Careers in Law Enforcement

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Choosing a Career In Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Careers
This paper is an exploration into a career in law enforcement. It briefly summarizes the history of policemen in the United States. It will also convey different types of careers in law enforcement and provide salary information. There is information concerning requirements to become local, state and federal officers.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. For me, as a child, I always thought that I would have a law enforcement. Growing up, my great uncle was always some sort of law enforcement officer and was my idol. In later years, there was a fascination with federal law enforcement. Most recently, my fascination has been in police forensics, no doubt inspired by the litany of television shows. There is a vast array of specialties in law enforcement and the criminal sciences. To start in this career field, it is important to understand its origins. Policing is an old and noble profession, predating the Norman conquest around 1066. As the colonies were settled, it was yet another British idea that was adopted by the colonists. Initially, policing was the job of a Justice Of the Peace. With the organization of the colonies and growing cities and towns, there was an apparant need for an organized and paid police force. Boston founded a Night Watch in 1636. In 1651, New York City established the Shout and Rattle Watch. As the larger cities continued to grow, Philadelphia divided the city into ten patrol areas in 1705. Philadelphia also led the way by establishing a 24-hour police force in 1833. New York ran two separate police forces, a day and a night watch, in 1844. Police Chiefs typically had ties to politicians and corruption was commonplace. Police departments today are highly specialized with Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams, internal crime labs, multiple departments such as vice and homicide, and even numerous sub stations or precincts. Many police departments...

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