Crime Scene

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As a team your task is to canvas a fictional crime scene. You are the fingerprint examiner: You respond to a homicide scene in a retail store employing numerous people, and upon arrival find police officers and several employees present. You also find a deceased victim who has obviously been shot, indications of a fight, articles of clothing, office supplies, papers, narcotics enclosed in plastic containers, and two guns, scattered on the floor and in other locations within the scene. Explain what you are looking for, how you would conduct your investigation at the scene, and how you would process any fingerprint evidence you’ve found. What steps would you take to determine if any of the people present at the scene may have been involved in the homicide or are merely witnesses?

There are many things to do when trying to process a crime scene thoroughly and correctly. Every crime scene is a different scenario for investigators. That is why there are certain steps and procedures that need to be done to make sure the integrity of a crime scene stays intact. These steps would involve: -Photography of scene from all three ranges and with scales when needed. -Photograph all pieces of evidence with scales as needed.

-Set up a command post where we could trade information gathered from the police and also the witnesses. -A fingerprint station would be set up while all key witnesses are present. -The medical examiner would be called to pick up the body.

-An entry and exit point would be set up and the perimeter taped off to prevent contamination of evidence and our scene. -An evidence log would be started.
-Chain of custody needs to be established.
-Photography log would be started.
-A list of everyone who entered and exited would be compiled including contact numbers as well as badge numbers. Getting Started
After all of this is started getting all of the extra people or possible witnesses or suspects should be cleared and out of the...
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