Definition of Public Relations

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Defining Public Relations
The ability to adhere to one worldwide definition of public relations is a challenging and one might say impossible task, and has concerned many public relations specials and scholars alike. They seem to agree that while individuals' actual definition of public relations might vary in strategy and technique, the end goal is always the same, to influence public opinion favorably for one's organization. Public Relations in My Own Words

Public Relations deals with a broad range of strategies and methods, therefore, it is not easily defined. In my opinion, a good definition of public relations would include to communicate not only an institutions main purpose and mission, but to keep the institution involved in the public opinions reaction to the institutions strategy in doing do. This paper examines several experts' definitions of public relations to see what the differences are among them while identifying what the constant theme among them is. Edward Bernays Defining Public Relations

Edward Bernays defined Public Relations as "information given to the public, persuasion directed at the public to modify attitudes and actions, and efforts to integrate attitudes and actions of an institution with its publics and of publics with those of that institution" (1923). This is one definition that is fairly broad compared to the numerous variations that are worldwide. Concentrating on persuasion of attitudes is a major aspect of public Relations. It is imperative to have a favorable public opinion of an institution. Public opinion equals customer opinion. It is well known that in order to keep your customers happy and continuing to invest in your goods and services, an institution must keep their best interest in mind. Through efforts such as advertising and marketing, an institution must convey their main purpose or mission to their customer so they have an understanding of exactly what they stand for. It does a great job of...
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