Early Colonial America Questions

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Plymouth Colony Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: September 12, 2011
1. The defeat of the Spanish Armada was important to the colonization of America because it made Queen Elizabeth and England more powerful than Spain. England could colonize better now that they had control of the Atlantic Ocean. 2. The Roanoke colony failed twice. The first time, it failed because they didn’t start farming right away, and a difficult winter sent them all back to England. The second time, they needed a lot of supplies, so Walter Raleigh went back to England. He couldn’t return for about three years because of the war with Spain, and when he did come back, everybody was gone. What I think happened is that when the colonists ran out of supplies, they went to live with the Croatoans. Because of bad weather, Raleigh never got to go see if they were at Croatoan Island, so we’ll never know what happened for sure. 3. The Virginia Company established settlements in North America to make a profit. 4. The importance of the year 1607 is that it was the year Jamestown was established. 5. Jamestown was built on a peninsula because they could defend it from Spanish attacks. 6. The colonists’ decision to grow tobacco changed Jamestown by improving the economy of the settlement. Suddenly, they had a way to make money and attract new settlers. Tobacco was the “cash crop” of Jamestown. 7. The Virginia Company created the House of Burgesses because settlers were complaining about how they had to take orders from London. They decided to let the settlers have at least some say in what happened in their government. Section Two

1. The Puritans’ and the Pilgrims’ view of the Anglican Church differed because the Pilgrims (or Separatists) wanted to completely separate from the Church of England, while the Puritans wanted to stay in the Church but change it. 2. The Pilgrims were planning to land in the Virginia colony, but instead they ended up at Cape Cod, in present day Massachusetts. Because they were outside the territory and laws of the Virginia Company, the...
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