Entrepreneurship as Career Option

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The vast majority of human beings direct their activities towards earning a living, generating wealth and improving their standard of living. You can choose your career from two broad categories of options – Wage Employment or Entrepreneurship. The term ‘career’ signifies a continuous, ever evolving, ever expanding opportunity for personal as well as business growth and development. We may define entrepreneurship as a career in your own business [YOB] rather than wage employment [JOB] .If you opt for a job then you ill work for others. In case you opt for entrepreneurship you will be your own boss. In case of wage employment one is engaged in routine work carried on for others for which he receives salary or wages. He has to follow instructions and execute plans laid down by his superior. One can choose to be employed in Government Service or the Public Sector or the Private sector. Some of the main differences between entrepreneurship and wage employment career options are as under: Wage

Work for Others
Own Boss
Follow Instructions
Make own plans
Routine Job
Creative activity
Earning is fixed,
Can be negative
never negative
generally surplus
Does not create wealth
Creates Wealth,
contributes to gdp.
Can choose from-
Can choose from-
Government service
Public Sector
Trade or
Private Sector
In the context of employment generation the three terms- Income generation, Selfemployment and Entrepreneurship are often used interchangeably. Income generation is the initial stage in the
entrepreneurial process in which one tries to generate surplus or profit. They are often taken on part- time or casual basis to supplement income e.g. a man with some surplus money might put his money in a fixed deposit account in a bank or a chit -fund to earn some interest. Self-employment

the entrepreneurial process and refers to an individual’s fulltime involvement in his own occupation. e.g. a person who starts a tea shop and remains happy and satisfied and has no plans to add on any other items like samosas, buns, soft drinks etc. or to grow in any other manner[e.g. supplying tea/coffee/sandwiches to others in the vicinity]. Entrepreneurship is the terminal stage of the

entrepreneurial process wherein after setting up a venture one looks for diversification and growth. An entrepreneur is always in search of new challenges. An entrepreneur is not a routine businessman he might not have resources but he will have ideas. He is innovative and creative. He can convert a threat into an opportunity. Small businessmen might shut- down or change his business if he anticipates losses but an entrepreneur will try again after analyzing the situation. On the other hand an entrepreneur can leave a perfectly running business to start another venture if he so desires. Functionally all entrepreneurs are self-employed and income generating persons but the reverse is not true- all self- employed and income generating persons are not entrepreneurs. If seen on a continuum, income generation, self-employment and entrepreneurship can be considered as the initial, middle and final stages of the entrepreneurial growth process. Income generating experience encourages self-employment, which in turn facilitates graduating into entrepreneurship. ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Entrepreneurship can be described as a process of action an entrepreneur undertakes to establish his enterprise. Entrepreneurship is a creative activity. It is the ability to create and build something from practically nothing. It is a knack of sensing opportunity where others see chaos, contradiction and confusion. Entrepreneurship is the attitude of mind to seek opportunities, take calculated risks and derive benefits by setting up a venture. It comprises of numerous activities involved in conception, creation and...
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