Examination and Documentation of the Crime Scene

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Examination and Documentation
of the Crime Scene

5 September 2014
Examination and Documentation
of the Crime Scene
The article I read “Examination and Documentation of the Crime Scene” explained the examination process and how to go about documenting everything found at the scene. When investigating a crime scene, first you need to gather as much information needed. You need to use a slow approach to gather as much information while also being careful not to destroy or tamper with evidence. Examination is usually started off with a walk through or along the “trail” as they mentioned in the article. A trail is in which all actions associated with the crime scene took place. The trail will be marked throughout the crime scene with markers for evidence that is needed to be gathered. In some cases a walk through will be used secondary in situations where case evidence could be destroyed. The article went on to explain good techniques when doing a walk through. Most investigators will have a notepad in hand, flashlight, and or pen. You should be taking notes while doing the walk through, to provide written information concerning the scene. Flashlights are needed to be able to detect shoe prints or other evidence not visible in normal lighting. Investigators should always have their hands occupied; this prevents unwanted fingerprints, and the destruction of evidence. After the walk through is completed, investigators will need to document. This includes videotape, photographs, or sketches. Lastly, the article explains the methods of documenting. Videotaping is the first step when documenting the crime scene. If videotaping is not an option provided, then you will need to take photographs. Photographs are very important, because they can be used to compare items such as footprints, and or fingerprints. The final step would be to use a sketch. A sketch can be used to determine angles and proportional...
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