forensic science module 4.7

Topics: Forensic science, 2000s American television series, Debut albums Pages: 1 (160 words) Published: December 3, 2014
hannah matthews
november 3, 2014
4.07 discussion questions
1.I do think that changing technologies make it easier to determine who is responsible for a crime. If it werent for such technologies we wouldnt of been so sure as to who had comittied the crime. We can trace DNA, hair, blood, and shoeprints. We are able to see how they murdered or committed the crime step by step. 2.i believe that only some representation in the media are correct with the identification and anaylsis of some physical evidence. Yet alot of the shows that have higher ratings or are more popular show that forensic scientist are able to more than just lab and field work (ex. Dexter, CSI, NCIS, etc..) even to a point ti where they can hold guns and interview people. Also in some shows the time flies, like they can solve a case within two days or get results back in just minutes, when in reality it takes longer then that.
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