FXT2 Task 1

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FXT2 Enterprise Continuity
The purpose of this presentation is to educate you on disaster recovery plans and/or enterprise continuity plan. The following slide will include basic structures, roles in the plan, and employee awareness.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
The presentation will cover the following topics

• Employee responsibilities of a ECP/DRP
• Operational disturbance optimization
• High level employee education plan
• ECP/DRP content with input from IT vendors
• Employee awareness education program

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
• Team Responsibilities

• Emergency Management Team
-- Top tier of emergency response team that manages lower teams. • Physical Security Team
-- Responsible for maintaining physical security of the premises. • Operational Readiness Support Team
-- Responsible for defining procedures to deal with minor to catastrophic issues. • Information Technology Teams
• Information Technology Network/Security Teams
-- Work with departments to ensure that electronic data is secure and available. • Information Technology Systems Teams
-- Ensure backup procedures are being adhered to. Confirm data availability.

• Clerical/Training Support Team
-- Document all hardware associated with ECP/DRP and its readiness as well keep ECP/DRP up to date. • Senior Management Team
-- Work with Operations team to define policies and procedures. They will also define essential personnel and vendors that will be used during plan execution.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
A2. Resilience Layers

• The resilience layers provide a framework that allow for a entity to recover from a serious emergency or catastrophic event when
properly planned for.
• The 6 resilience layers are as follows:
• Strategy
• Organization
• Processes
• Data/Applications
• Technology
• Facilities/Security

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
Resilience Layer Strategy

• The strategy layer sets the scope for addressing
emergency/catastrophic events.
• Risks and vulnerabilities are measured on this level
• This layer produces a strategy to implement ECP/DRP.
• Objectives are defined that relate to an entities operational goal. • Example: A call center needs the ability to still receive/process calls even in the event of a catastrophe. This layer allows for creating a plan that will baseline allowing calls to continue to be handled with zero impact on production.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
Organization Layer Organization

• This layer deals with the layout of the university. This layer will handle physical personnel established by the ECP/DRP. • Examples

Personnel who will handle physical access controls

Define emergency organizational chart for dealing with events

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
Process Layer Organization

• Processes are steps to be taken in the event of an emergency or catastrophic event. The ORG team will create policies for the ECP/DRP. Steps to provide continuing operations are defined here. The processes will also define contingency plans for operations.

• Examples
• Established plan for allowing clients to continue accessing services remotely. • Contingency example: telecom services fail. Have alternate paths for communication from the campus to the outside world.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
Data/Applications Layer Organization

• Testing policies defined in DRP/ECP from planning to production. • Determine fault tolerance to the point operations will cease to function adequately. • Define what systems need redundancy to unsure smooth operation in the event of a failure. • Provide information gleaned in this process to management so it can be added to the ECP/DRP. • Examples

Provide redundant uplinks to the world for data services and access

Provide redundant methods for making phone calls. Example primary calls over VOIP secondary over TDM(PRI) links.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
Technology Layer...
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