genuine happiness

Topics: Happiness, Laughter, Thought Pages: 1 (435 words) Published: September 16, 2014
Title: Genuine Happiness

Filipinos are said to be one of the happiest race in the world. That's why, it is a rare moment to find a gloomy soul in our land. In any events, even it may be a catastrophic one, we never fail to give our sweet smile. But not all smile portrays happiness. Because, some may smile even when they're in pain. What' my point? It's that not all happy are truly happy. Not all okay are really fine. But one thing I may assure, that even when every smile would shatter its value for joy, memories would always bring blissful feeling in here, at our heart.

Way back at third year highschool, before our Christmas break, my girl classmates planned to host a party with our T.L.E. teacher, Mrs. Tañare. This party is exclusively for girls only. They talked about the details and further decided to hold at Salawag, at Roxan's place. At first , I had thought of not going since I'm not fond of social gatherings and celebrations. But my friends, Batibot, insisted me to join. And that' the start of an unexpected enjoyment for my life.

Then I got there, without any foods for sharing and the such. I only brought myself for the sake of my friends. At first, there was a chaos and unruly because Mrs. Tañare hadn't showed up. She instructed us to wait, and so we did. They took photos to calm and lighten up the mood. We shared stories of our own foolish experiences. Until the moment when we decided to play parlor games outside. I should admit that it was fun. We were all laughing hysterically in every game. We were completely submerged by the thrill and excitement of competing with one another. Yet, there are no prizes given. I think, those happiness were enough reward for each and everyone.

Last thing that we had done was climbing at the hill and laying there peacefully. We even strolled and climbed some short trees for a better view, but only for a mean time. We played boyish games such as "luksong baka", and took photos, again. As the sun set, we...
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