Ics Inc. Case

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an information system consulting firm


Module 1: Final assignment
ICS, Inc.

Ivana is the owner of ICS, Inc., an information systems consulting firm of 20 employees. The company mostly designs and implements information technology projects for small and medium-size businesses in the metropolitan area. Although ICS has a sufficient level of business, the environment is becoming more competitive as more entrepreneurs are starting their own information technology consulting businesses. Ivana does all the marketing for ICS and is the primary contact between ICS and its customers.

ICS just received a contract from a Fortune 100 company to design and implement an e-business system for one of their distribution centers. ICS beat out several competitors, including some larger national consulting firms, to win this contract. This was due in part to ICS bidding a bare bones low price, and Ivana promising the customer that ICS would complete the project in six months, even though the customer specified that the project had to be completed in nine months or less. She knows that if ICS successfully completes this project and shows that it can beat the customer’s expected schedule, it could lead to a larger contract to implement similar systems in the client’s other distribution centers throughout the country As soon as Ivana heard that ICS won the contract, she called eight of her employees together whom she wanted to work on the project. “Some of you may not be aware of it, but I submitted a proposal to a very large client, our largest ever, to implement an e-business system for one of their distribution centers. This is a really important project for me because if we successful, there will be other future projects with this customer, and ICS can become a major consulting firm-my dream come true. I must tell you, this is a fixed price contract, and I cut our price as low as I could to increase our chances of winning the...
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