Mini Usa Case Study

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To do nothing
Continue using printed ads, promotional events and direct marketing. Since there is a great success experience in printed ads and direct marketing in prior 4 years, this may continue helping MINI USA succeed. Pros:

-Prior success experience
- Easy to touch “right” consumer
- Can recall or hold the information of ads because people can read it anytime, such as slogan, website links - Easy to change information, such as promotion offer, sales price Cons:
-Subscribers of newspaper and magazines are decline
-May wait for a long time to issue. For example, many magazines have to be waited for one or two months after advertise on them due to the long time layout design, schedule, especially for some particular targeted consumers of magazines, such as motor magazines, may be wait for 3 or more months to issue.

Traditional advertising
Hire large advertising agencies know for television, it may touch more consumers. Pros:
- Touch more people than any other medias do
- Its visual appeal can emotionally motivate consumers
- Viewing time. You can buy the prime time of TV shows to show the ads so that more people can see the ads. Cons:
- Cost is high

- People can use TiVo or DVRs system to skip over ads

- The difficulty of change. Making TV ads is complex, so it may be difficult to make changes once the ad is complete. For example, if MINI USA need change a sale price or special offer, it could take days or weeks to make it with additional cost.

-Finding the potential consumers or viewers. TV ads touch many type of people or even everyone. Although there is millions of people watch the ads in TV, the most of “right” viewers miss it. For example, if only 1% of total viewers are potential consumers, the ad is not cost effective.

- Recall or hold the information. It is difficult for people to recall or hold the information if they are interested in the product currently or in future.

Internet advertising and online...
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