My Ideal School

Topics: Education, Mobile phone, Dress code Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: April 14, 2013
I think a perfect school is a place where we spend much time, enjoying school life, friendship and getting knowledge. However some things could be changed in the school I am studying now. The lessons should be shorter, and the breaks – longer.

Students should only study the subjects they really enjoy. That s why Information technologies and Physical Education should be removed. The teachers are often the reason of misunderstanding pupils. Boring lessons are the result of such relation.

Our school should take part in exchange programs. And then we could go to the English speaker countries for holidays. Besides all students should take part in school activities, in school radio and newspaper publication. The most interesting activities to my mind, are: competitions “Father, mother and me as a sport family” , “Generation gap”, New Year’s celebrations in school, “St. Valentine’s Post”, “Mother’s Day”, “Veteran’s Day”, ”Autumn Ball”. There should be more discos, concerts, performances, performances, prepared by talented school children in our school to make the traditional. We all should wear school uniform. But it must special, may be with the school emblem on a leave of a jacket. I see the blue skirt with white blouse, dark blue jacket, a tie white tights and black shoes. The boys should wear snow-white shirts, dark trousers and black waistcoat. Mobile phones must be forbidden. The rules in school should be democratic: neither strict nor too free. Thanks to school we become smarter, develop our mind, and have a lot of friends. School prepares us for the real outside life. And it should be the place for spending the happiest days of our life.
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