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Topics: Flour, Bread, Nutrition Pages: 4 (515 words) Published: October 12, 2012

Get A Basic Understanding of Your Personal Nutritional Needs

Follow the directions step by step:

1. On the internet, go to:
2. Go to “For Consumers”
3. Click “Dieters”
4. Click “BMI Calculator”
5. Calculate your BMI by entering your information

My BMI is___21.1__________

My normal weight range is ___118______ to ____159_____lbs

6. Go back to the “Weight Management & Calories” Page 7. Click on “Super Tracker”
8. Click on the large “Super Tracker” button

To get started you will need to create a profile. If you already have one, log in.

9. Go to “My Weight Manager” under “My Features”. Set your weight goal (check one)

o Maintain Weight
o Move towards goal weight of ___130________lbs
(make sure goal is realistic and within the normal weight range)

10. Add a nutrient goal : Dietary Fiber
(If you would like to add others that is fine)

Complete the following chart based on what the program suggested:

11. Click on the top link “My Plan” for more details regarding what counts as an ounce or cup and for specific serving examples. Click on “see more examples” for a more detailed chart.

12. On the next page you will have a chance to create a menu for one day that follows the recommendations made for you.

Using the charts on the pyramid website for each food group, write down what specific foods you would actually eat to meet your recommended amounts in each category. Review my example to understand how to complete this assignment and then delete and enter your numbers and food choices.

GRAINS: (# of ounces recommended for you ____7______ )

1 bagel (2...
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