Noi the Albino

Topics: Noi the Albino, Emotion, Albinism Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Coral Reef
English 101-11:20
Professor Yvonne Rutland
7 June 2011
The Vacuous Life of an Intelligent Teenager
The film Noi the Albino, written and directed by Dagur Kari, is centered on a teenage misfit, in a small fishing town, who fantasizes of hopeless plans to get out of his white hell. This incredible film is a ten year, work of art; made up of original music by the director’s band, Slowblow, and the intentionally boring, unprofessional actors. Although Noi, himself, is fascinatingly bright, he lacks potential to keep him in school and on the right track. This film, is by far one of the most bleak, uneventful films, but it is the lack of substantiality of virtually nothing happening, that projects the mood and emotion in such a powerful way that it “seeps into our bones and makes us sympathize” with Noi (Zwick). Unquestionably, the essentially eventless plot makes the emotion of the film standout in a big way. It might appear to be a contrived art movie, but it is actually well put together and uncluttered (Rose). It is a movie that’s made solely to make you look deep to all the emotion, and it appears that everyone in the film is “beaten down by life” (Burr). The film itself is made to be a slow moving; with most of the dramatic action taking place near the edges of the script. Including Noi’s grandmother’s “methodical manner” of waking Noi, by shooting a rifle out the window or the avalanche killing everyone he ever corresponded with (Scott). Many meaningless events, like his conventional drunk father destroying the music-less piano, breaking into the museum, and stealing from a slot machine in the filling station to buy malt; create a thick barrier for visual angst to hit home. The emotional level is so deep you almost need to re-watch it to notice it all and to truly appreciate it. Believe it or not, Kari, the director uses every trick he knows to make the film’s mood truly make a mark. The film is shot on a white snow backdrop to make it appear...

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