Nursing Management (Planning)

Topics: Strategic planning, Nursing, Goal Pages: 19 (4866 words) Published: October 8, 2011
General Objectives:
The reporter formulated these objectives for the purpose of directing the students towards an organized discussion and to be able to present the topic in a clear and comprehensible approach. Specific Objectives:

At the end of this topic students will be able to:
Define the mission or purpose statement, philosophy, vision, objectives and core values as it pertains to nursing services; •discuss the elements/ components of planning;
enumerate the types and phases of strategic planning;
understand the importance of formulating mission, vision, value statements, objectives and philosophy act as a basis for any organization; and •understand the purposes and benefits of strategic planning.

Elements/ Components of planning

Forecasting or Estimate the future
Set Objectives/Goals and Determine Results Desired
Develop and Schedule Strategies, Programs/Projects/Activities; Set the Time Frame Prepare the Budget and Allocation of Resources
Establish Policies Procedures and Standards
Elements of Planning

Forecast or Estimate the Future

Forecasting is looking into the future. Refers to estimation of time series, cross sectional or longitudinal data. In making forecast, the planner should consider 3 things:
Community affected
Goals of care
Forecast must be supported by facts, reasonable estimates and accurate reflection of policies and plans.

Set Objectives/Goals and Determine Results Desired

GOALS are broad statements of intent derived from the purposes of the organization •Is a desired aim or condition toward which one is willing to work •Individual goals- are personal goals; based on one’s desired in life •Group goals- may refer also to organizational goals although on a smaller scale •Organizational goals- management goals of an organization that are established to justify its existence Short term goals and long term goals

The objectives of the Nursing Department is congruent to its vision as well as to the 11 key areas of responsibilities to nursing practice: To observe ethical principles and standards that govern nursing practice. (ethico-moral-legal responsibilities) To establish well coordinated referral system for the continuity of patient’s/ client’s care. (communication) To assure the application of acceptable performance of functions, duties, and responsibilities of every position in the nursing department. (safe & quality nursing care, management of resources) To encourage its nursing personnel to participate in nursing research for improving nursing care. ( research) To utilize media for information campaign to intensify health education program. (health education)

The mission statement outlines the agency’s reason for existing ( whether hospital or health care), who the target clients are ( the poor, the needy, the middle or upper class), and what services will be provided ( in-patient, out-patient, emergency). Reason for the existence of the organization (Nursing service exist to promote and maintain health)

The Board of Nursing under the guidance of the Almighty, with its unquestionable integrity and commitment, envisions itself to be the ultimate authority in regulating the nursing profession in the Philippines and to lead nursing development to its highest level of excellence. The BON shall unwaveringly pursue the advancement of nursing development in the country by: 1. Providing leadership, information, options, scenarios and lobby efforts to targeted decision makers and stakeholders 2. Ensuring adherence to professional, ethical and legal standards as mandated by existing regulatory laws 3. Unifying the nursing sector through good governance

4. Fostering linkages with the domestic and international stakeholders

Philosophy is the sense of purpose of the organization and the reason behind its structure and goals. Philosophy states the beliefs that...
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