occupational standards

Topics: Employment, National Vocational Qualification, Recruitment Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Occupational standards are the first steps in gaining qualifications that identify the competence of an individuals capability to do there job in an efficient manner and produce the best work possible. There are specific targets/specific standards that must be met as part of there job role. Employees also must have an understanding of the job role they have undertaken as part of occupational standards. For employers to identify if and where training is required employees must demonstrate there capabilities and where they make need further development this will benefit both employee and employer. History of occupational standards have given results that benefit business growth, they are used to provide products and services that ensure a business continues to grow and become successful. National Occupational Standards were set up to insure milestones were met and that each company meet the national criteria. Occupational standards are a great benefit to employers, it gives them a guide on how to improve their companies, identify the skills needed within their employees and recognise skills they already have at their disposal with their existing employees. Plan training programmes that could improve there businesses, when recruiting new employees, employers could recruit employees that have the specific qualifications  and experience needed for the identified needs within the company. It can also help when companies are recruiting for new staff as it can make the advertisement more specific, this will narrow done the hiring process and be a more prompt way of dealing with the interview process and selecting the correct candidate for the job. Occupational standards are also a great insight into evaluating staff performance and giving appraisal when an employee is deserving. OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS

Occupational standards are standards that individuals are expected to attain in their performance in the workplace, they set out the knowledge and skills that an...
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