research paper outline

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Mexico Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: July 2, 2015
Raquel Ceja
English 110-07
Tiffany Wong
Research Paper Outline

I. Introduction
A. Current problem: Discrimination against immigrants.
B. Audience: United States citizens
C. Key Terms: discriminated, contribute
Thesis statement: Immigrants go through the worst to come to the United States and contribute to a total different society yet they are often discriminated or looked down upon. II. Background
A. Historical immigration overview: Immigrants leave behind family, their home place, for a better life. 1. Wilkerson, Jared A., Niwako Yamawaki, and Samuel D. Downs. "Effects of Husbands' Migration on Mental Health And Gender Role Ideology Of Rural Mexican Women." Health Care For Women International 30.7 (2009): 614-628. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 Oct. 2014. B. Some immigrants come in illegally to the United States because they don’t have the money and time it takes to get a Visa. III. Ways in which immigrants contribute to the U.S:

A. 90% of immigrants that come to the U.S. are working.
B. Immigrants help keep wages low, therefore prices are low. C. Immigrants also bring in culture to the U.S. and new ideas. IV. Reasons for immigrants coming to the U.S.
A. Conditions in their home place are terrible.
Ex. Mexico. Drug dealing is now widely adapted in Mexico.
1. Barbosa, Guillermo Yrizar, and Rafael Alarcón. "Emigration Policy and State Governments in Mexico." Migraciones Internacionales 5.4 (2010): 165-198. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 Oct. 2014. B. Jobs in Mexico are scarce.

C. Wages in Mexico are not sufficient.
D. Immigrants see the U.S. as a place to succeed.

V. How immigrants are discriminated or thought of lower class: A. Immigrants usually work long hours because Americans aren’t willing to do that. B. Immigrants are idealized as Mexican appearance.

1. Romero, Mary. "Crossing the Immigration and Race Border: A Critical Race Theory Approach to Immigration Studies." Contemporary Justice Review 11.1 (2008): 23-37....
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