Risk Assessment Case Study

Topics: Crime, Risk, Criminal law Pages: 3 (420 words) Published: March 9, 2015

Risk Assessment Case Study
Sidney Otoboeze
PSYC 3402
Prof. Ralph Serin
October 20, 2014

Criminogenic Needs
Criminogenic needs can be described as changeable risk factors, that when reduced, result in reduced criminal behaviour. These needs are termed “criminogenic” because they are empirically related to criminal conduct and when reduced, lead to reductions in future reoffending. Therefore, changes in criminogenic needs have a desired effect on changes in criminal behaviour. In the Risk Assessment case study, a number of these criminogenic needs as well as the “central eight” risk factors are evident contributors to the criminal nature and history of the accused. The first and most important criminogenic need in respect to the case is the Family/Marital factor. The accused believed that his wife had been having an affair and he constantly accused her of infidelity and being seductive with other men. These feelings of insecurity led to many years of constant arguments and assault cases with his wife up until he killed her. This is evident in the fact that the first assault case filed against him was when he was aged 37 and the cases lingered up until the accused was 42. This criminogenic need also directly relates with the family and/or marital “central eight” risk factor. The second most important criminogenic need in respect to the case is the Substance Abuse factor. The substance being abused in this case is alcohol. The accused is of the opinion that his antisocial and violent behaviour is motivated by alcohol abuse. Alcohol substance abuse can also be traced in the impaired driving charges accrued by the accused, which served as one of his previous convictions. Alcohol abuse can also be held responsible for his current state of unemployment as it got him fired from previous jobs. Ultimately, it could be the reason why he does not remember the incidents leading to the murder of his wife because he could have...
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