Statement Of Object-Controlled Surveillance Robot

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Turning on the television set while taking a break from school work, I stumbled upon the movie ‘Star Wars’, and instantly fell in love with R2-D2, the astromech droid. I thought he was the coolest part of the movie. At the time, I thought that R2-D2 was an actual robot. Seeing my fascination for the ingenious machine, my father took me to a screening that showed the making of the movie. That’s when I realized that it was actually an actor named Kenny Baker, who was wearing a plastic shell and pretending to be a robot. I was crestfallen. I couldn’t let it go. I kept thinking about how amazing it would be if R2-D2 really existed as a robot. He was more than just a machine – thinking and behaving almost like human beings. Then it dawned on me....

I conceived, designed and implemented my third year project, ‘Object-Controlled Surveillance Robot using Image Processing’, which aimed at overcoming the drawbacks of the traditional methods used to control a robot and replacing them with more user-friendly interface. Here I implemented a system in which the user can give commands to a wireless robot using colored objects. The webcam of a laptop continuously captured images in real time as it searched for colored objects. Image frames were taken as input and processed using Image Processing, to extract the command signals. The command signals were passed via Bluetooth from the laptop to the receiving robot. The received Bluetooth signals were then fed as variables to the Arduino, which generated digital output signals and passed them to the motor driver IC. The motor driver was then used to drive the DC motors of the robot. Live surveillance for security applications was also made possible by including a camera module. The project made it to a state-level project competition and was also published in the local journal. I am currently working on my final year project, ‘Brainwaves Detection and Application’, which aims at studying the electric field activity of the brain, detecting the brain waves and successfully using them as control signals for real world...

As the technical head of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication (IETE) committee, I have organized several technical workshops and seminars for the students and also handled their publicity in and outside the college. Participation in these events has helped me immensely to develop an all-round personality and has greatly enhanced my communication, leadership and managerial skills. Besides, I have been an avid cricket and table-tennis player ever since my school days and have also represented my department at various sports tournaments. I am sure that graduate education would provide me with ample opportunities to pursue these interests...
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