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Taking Notes

By lebronshawn Jun 22, 2013 1203 Words
While being in college, one does not just sit in a class and learn everything that the instructor teaches. Research study has shown that you forget up to 90% of what you’ve learned in less than a week (Sid Savara, 2007). In order to understand and comprehend what is being taught one must take notes and only write down the important information given. Studies show that having important information inside notes gives the learner a 34% chance in being remembered (Longman, D. & Atkins , R., 1991). This essay will give a couple of different ways of taking notes and learning new material. In order to learn one must simply study the material that you need to learn. It seems so simple but if one does not like to study or take notes they will not do well in school. They just leave it at lectures and think they know it all already. They must study with a group, the more you learn in a group of classmates the better you will teach each other new styles of learning. By doing so they can learn by another student’s point of view. While in these group sessions it would be very effective if one pulls out notes from the lecture and adding them to flashcards to review as a group. One can turn that boring discussion into a game; if one gets the question correct, they quiz someone else with the flashcards. If one gets it wrong they add a penalty into the study session. While they are using the effective strategy of flashcards they are also memorizing new material. This strategy is more effective than just reading to memorize stuff. In order to have effective flashcards one must have good notes. While taking notes it is challenging when your instructor is teaching and one could be a slow writer and learner, so what one needs to do is turn the instructor’s lesson into their own words so that they can understand it. While taking notes change the color of your pen and don’t write in black or blue ink, instead write in colorful ink this helps to retain information by 50-80% (Nicole Watts, 2012). Ask plenty of questions to be sure one understands the lesson. If one summarizes it they have a better chance of getting all the material covered and one will not fall behind on notes. While trying to gain knowledge there is more than one way to get the information out other than from instructors. One must have a variety of resources that are available to them such as the library. Now why wouldn’t you like to expand your knowledge a little more than just hearing your instructor deliver a lesson? One must go out there and do some research at the library. The library is a great research tool for any school paper. Reason being is that the library is always being updated with new and better resources. Not only can one find books, but they can also sit in the quiet library to study with no interruptions. Another great and effective way to get educated on what one is trying to research is to use the internet; the good thing about this is that no matter where they shall be one will have internet access or will be near it. While in the library there is other people studying different subjects or the same as what you are learning. The great thing about this is that one can talk to them and ask for advice about a paper, or say they are browsing the internet and come across a website where he/she can chat with other students. This is the social network, learning from others while communicating through the internet, this is a great way to gain more knowledge from other people’s point of view. One shall use the note taking strategy of the split page method which is where one draws a line down the left margin of the paper and label the left column key terms and the right column details. This will help understand key terms and important details that one may have missed while taking notes. Who wants to study with cluster? It is important that they organize and categorize their notes, dates and title each lecture on its own page so that information from every lecture can be easily accessed for the future reference (Megan Wickes, 2013). One finds it easier to learn by staying organized. A good start is to create time for school and manage your time wisely. Know what needs to be turned in and when it needs to be turned in that way they won’t ever be late to turning in assignments. Along with that he/she will be able to discipline themselves. They need to control what their priorities are; go to the beach or work on homework? Situations like this can be avoided by disciplining one’s self. It’s good to stay organized with your notes; it’s better to have papers in order rather than scattered. The type of environment plays a small part in learning; surrounding oneself with positive people will help to stay motivated to learn. Having negative people will bring ones moral in learning down. Once one has all the studying technics down one will think they know the material enough to test and quiz themselves to see what they know and see what they need to brush up on. Teaching someone what you have learned is a great way to understand the material better (Scott H. Young, 2007). If they can teach someone else what they have learned they are succeeding advancing in their education. Don’t stop there keep on going keep quizzing oneself and keep teaching others, it’s all about repetition. These are all great ways to learn and take notes, take this information and use it to continue ones journey to further their education. Take as many notes as possible and take in as much knowledge and continue learning. Don’t stop learning, there is always something new to learn out there. Remember once one has mastered the learning technic it should become like second nature down the road and they will become more advanced in educated themselves.

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