The Effect of Texting in Writing Skills of the Students

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Students with reading difficulties usually have problems in spelling as well and often times have more severe deficits in spelling than in reading, according to Hallahan et. al. in introduction to learning disabilities. In reading, context and other cues help one to decode a word, but in spelling, one must produce the word after hearing or thinking it. As a consequence of their difficulties with spelling, student find writing tasks both laborious and aversive. Spelling requires that a person produce in written or oral form the correct sequence of letters that form a particular word. To do this, a person converts phonemes (sounds) into graphemes (written letters) . There is only one correct way to spell any particular word with a given meaning. Thus, spelling does not allow any room for creative “answers or style”, a word is either spelled correctly or it is misspell. The study was conducted in Tiwi Community College located in Libtong, Tiwi, Albay offering two courses and one of them is the Bachelor of Elementary Education. During the second semester, BEED 1 students are having their English 2 (Writing in the Discipline) as one of their subjects. Their responses to our conversation, they are experiencing difficulty in writing composition particularly when it comes to their spelling performance. Mrs. Maida Bobier one of their instructor, had given us permission to conduct our survey that will determine their performance level on spelling. We then find time to raise our concern to the selected students who are willing to know and to improve their performance and clearly explained to them our plan of conducting our action research with them as participants. We emphasized our purpose of helping them in their difficulty with the said topic and our gratefulness to receive help from them to realize our action research. We have a sum total of 20 respondents coming from each section of the first year BEED students, and all of them actively participated in our study. They were all very honest in telling us that they face hardships when it comes to writing words with correct spelling. English spelling is particularly difficult. Over the centuries. The pronunciation of English has deviated even further away from the spelling. Many languages have reformed their spelling to adjust to such changes, but English has not. It teams with spelling and pronunciation challenges, words like buffet, cousin, canyon, cough ad mosquito. What makes spelling even more difficult is that the written form of the English language has inconsistent pattern. It would be much easier if each phoneme had one and only grapheme.


How Spelling is Developed and Invented
In this article, how a person invented a spelling and how a person spells a word will be discussed. Templeton and Henderson are introduced here. They are also linguists who stated that spelling is a major element of acquisition. When a teacher asks to spell " cat ", the students will automatically answer "Capital C, small A, and small T, CAT." That's the real thing whenever we ask a child to spell a word. What is spelling anyway? How important is it to be studied? Spelling is a major component of language acquisition, and it focuses on the written word (Temple, et al., 2005). Since spellers learn through invented spelling, teens go through different stages as experimenting with words. Moreover, to understand better how spelling is developed, we should be aware of its past. The spelling is a repository of the history of the English language (Henderson, 1990). The teacher stretches the sound of each letter for the children to identify the spelling. For students who are English language learners, this practice is important as a help with their writing. There are suggested...
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