The Leader with Vision: the Optimistic Leader

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This paper shall be discussed in four parts as follows:

Articulating Your Vision
Living Your Vision
Influence Others With Positive Attitude

A leader is someone who guides others. One who assumes t he position of responsibility over the conduct of others that he is leading. Vision on the other hand is “a picture formed in the mind; something conjured up in the imagination without being related to facts.”

Leadership in some people is in-born, some learn the art of leadership, while others just cannot lead no matter what advantage of leadership comes their way. There are those who are in position of leadership by reason of the family they come from. Some become leaders as a result of hard work and dedication to work.

Others pull down those leading them to become leaders, while some attain the position of leadership as a result of misfortune that happen to their leaders. All these people attaining the position of leadership carry out their function in many different ways.


As a leader, you need to be visionary about what you want to achieve in your position of leadership. Talking about visions, we are looking at how you want your department or section to be in the future, this does not apply to only your department or section, but also to those you are leading and the family as a whole.

Vision can otherwise be described as dreams, that is, your wishes. These wishes should be articulated in such a way that they become a plan of action. Let us outline some of the processes of articulating your visions, that is, the process of putting them down in a form that you can turn them to programmes of action:

Write down your wishes for the future

Determine how you intend to achieve them

Cultivate a positive attitude to your visions

Confess and believe your visions

Make up your mind to succeed

Since your visions would be good intentions about your subordinates, and their future development and growth your focus, you should let them know that you care for them. You as the leader, should not only ensure that you get your job efficiently and timely done, you should also lead them morally, psychologically and spiritually. Let us look at some of the attitudes you as a leader need to put up for greater achievements.

1.Set higher standards for your subordinates than they know they are. This makes it as easy as possible for the subordinate to blow his horn for you. It is of the utmost importance to treat him as though he already is measuring up to – even beyond – what you expect or believe he is capable of doing. There is no more forceful form of persuasion than setting a publicly acknowledged standard or code of ethics for the subordinates.

2.Do not use force on your subordinates to compel them to achieve results, but rather persuade them to work hard. Each time you try to force a person to accept or acknowledge your point of view, you are driving a nail into the coffin for your future. Another person cannot be forced to the way of your thinking without his consent, else, the penalty for forcing the other person to accept your part of the argument or your point of view would be a delayed rebound of reaction that will hit you when you least expect it, sometimes many years later.

Let us look at the following case study:

“One day at a conference, Dick, the boss, lost his patience and sat heavily on Charlie, who kept insisting that his idea would save the company a lot of money. It involved a new assembly line scheme for putting a portable transistor radio together. Dick bellowed, ‘I’m boss here, Charlie, and I say the present assembly sequence stands’.

Charlie was hurt, but he knew his idea was better; he refused to give up even though Dick had sat on him. Some days later, Charlie had a chat with his boss: ‘Dick’, he told him in a friendly tone, ‘I know...
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