the life of a field slave VS the house Slave

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: October 20, 2013

The Life of a Field Slave VS the House Slave

Slavery was a ruthless and dreadful way of life for all slaves. Yet there were differences in rank between slaves. Minor class slaves were “field slaves”. Superior class slaves were “house slaves”. The daily routines of these slaves differed to a great extent. Field slaves only function was production. Their duties were to plant and cultivate the crops, clear the land, flame the undergrowth, roll the wood, split rails, transport water, restore fences, spread fertilizer, and break the soil. Working since sunrise to sunset was purely and analogy for slave labor, they regularly worked before sunrise and considerably past dusk. A house slave every day routine incorporated helping for the house, the gardens and yard, prepared meals, caring for children of their master. Although there were ranks in the slavery system, it did not really benefit the slaves in the hours they had to work and the punishment they had to suffer. Taking a filed slave for example they had to work eighteen hour a day regardless the weather outcome, never have the proper clothing or sometime no clothes at all. The pregnant women were expected to work until their children were born. When the child was born the mother often took the baby to the fields with her when it came to nutrition, most of the field slaves were malnourish which had cause diseases and most of the time death among them. Slave in the field were mostly, severely punishment due to their treatment and environment when they failed to do their job. Their punishments were consisting on whipping and there was no safety even for woman and children. Especially in large plantation the law provided no protection for slave. The overseers would continuously push them to work harder if it wasn’t satisfied of their effort, the salve were whipped. Their condition of living was very poor. As for education, it was illegal to teach a slave on how to read and write if being caught...
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