The Lifelong Process of Socialization

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The agents of socialization are necessary for the making of an individual. Agents of socialization include family, school, neighborhoods, religion, and media. These strong influences all take part in helping an individual interact within a society itself, in which shares common values, norms, languages, customs etc. Socialization is a lifelong process by which a person keeps learning and developing his own self as a human being, by the influences of these agents of socialization. As a person grows in society, the person needs to alter his/her own behavior according to the individuals agents of society. The most primary agent of socialization is family. Family is the most important role in shaping the values and believes within the life of any individual. People grow up on the basis of what they learn from their parents, as well as their siblings. The family’s traditions, values and religious inclinations all shape the interpretation of how one will view society. Consider this, if both parents of a child believe in Democratic values as opposed to Republican’s, more than likely the child will grow up to value the exact same interpretations as his parents. As the individual grows, the effect of the development of political values contributes to the understanding of politics. This is true, due to the fact that both my parents are democrats, so as I grew older, I developed the same political beliefs as they did and agreed to the decisions that they felt needed to be done, to better this country. The impact of family socialization can determine a child’s attitude towards their future career goals. If a person comes from a wealthy background, that particular individual would want to become as successful as their parents. At a young age, the child might have been placed into prestigious schools along with other educational tools in which would better the child in the near future. This type of scenario would also be true whereas a family who earns...
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