The Story Of Saipan's Family

Topics: Family, Poverty, Mother Pages: 4 (911 words) Published: January 12, 2017

Long ago, on the island of Saipan, lived a poor family. In this family was a teenage boy named Andrew. Andrew’s family was really poor and farming was the only thing that kept them alive. Andrew's parents didn't have any jobs and they also didn't have any family on the island with them. Life was really hard for them but they did the best that they could.

On their little farm were many different vegetables and animals. They had chickens, pigs, cows, ducks, but all these things weren't enough. Even though Andrew’s family had all these things to sell, there was never enough money to get Andrew what he wanted. All the money would usually go to the bills and food and Andrew was always mad because there were a lot of things he wanted for himself....

“Deal.” Says Andrew
The demon smiles, shakes Andrew’s hand, and disappears leaving nothing but a bag of money. “Wow”, says Andrew, as he looks at the bag full of money.
“What will I do with all this money and how will I hide it?”

Weeks pass, and Andrew’s parents are amazed at all the money he brought home.
“Where are you getting all this money, son?”, asked his father.
“I got a job.”, Andrew says and they just left it at that.

Months of lying go by, and Andrew starts to regret.
“I don't like having all this money and lying about where I get it.” says Andrew. “I will go back and ask the demon for my soul back.”

Andrew walks again to his camp in the jungle and is relieved when he sees the demon. “How is the rich life?”, asks the demon.

“I don't like it.”, says Andrew. “I want my soul back.”

The demon laughs and says, “Are you sure?” “Yes.”, says Andrew. “I will do anything to get my soul back.”

The demon says, “in order to get your souls back, you must either kill your parents or yourself.”

“What?”, says Andrew. The demon disappears, but before leaving he says, “make your...
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