Transitional Justice In The Former Yugoslavia

Topics: World War II, United States, Great Depression Pages: 7 (1602 words) Published: October 18, 2014

The complexities of present day economies and social problems in the countries of former Yugoslavia could be traced back to two decades ago. Namely, the war itself with an insufficient post-war reparations and transitional justice mechanisms has taken a toll on societal fiber. The lack of competitive economies and a very high unemployment is debatable a direct result of harsh and often hasty privatizations done swiftly after the Yugoslav war. The social cost of war has not only brought half of million of refugees, wrecked its infrastructure, and increased debt. It has inevitably led to colder relations among the former republics and soared economic activity.
The process of transitional justice in the former Yugoslavia has been...

This paper will shed the light on the results of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and its role in bringing justice; a process of reparation and its shortcomings; the absence of truth commission and its result on reconciliatory process.
Moreover, the rationale behind the next few paragraphs should supply the reader with the overall insight into the current phase of transitional justice in the former Yugoslavia. It should tackle the interest in ultimately posing the question of how much and to what extent is transitional justice (or lack thereof) a crucial building block in the further growth of the countries ridden with conflict and for at least two decades significantly robbed from...

However, the greatest shortcoming of such broad definition is that paradoxically enough narrows down its efficiency of action, focusing on 'processes and mechanisms' rather than addressing and clearly defining the main actors and stakeholders. In that name, the approaches driven by the international law paradigm stand as “the normative foundation” of transitional justice, as they are inexorably linked and bundled together (Villalbla, 2011). For this very reason, the very obligation in carrying out the given process falls heavily on the international...
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