Udemy For Business: Case Study Of E-Learning

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The Solution
Udemy for business offers unique features to improve the user experience and to make E-Learning convenient and less costly to organizations. Organizations are allowed to customize their own online learning portal that requires no installation or configuration on the client’s end and are able to choose the content that they wish to be made available to their employees. The cloud-based platform which is offered by Udemy allows employees to access the training material that they require anytime and anywhere when required.
Udemy provides their customers the following solutions –
• High quality E-Learning materials at competitive price.
• Ability to centralize all the training materials for better management and accessibility
• Flexibility...

Global trends have identified that Asia has the highest annual growth rate of 17.3% which due to government initiatives will only improve over time. In the past E-Learning was considered a waste of time and resources due to the inconsistencies of the materials that were offered. However with the expansion and increased popularity of e-commerce and the development and standardization of technology has considerably improved the popularity of E-Learning.
Market segmentation
Market segmentation “is the process of dividing the market into specific segments” (Barringer and Ireland 2012, Page 150). Market segmentation allows the organization to focus on specific segments or target markets to which the firm will try to appeal to and sell their products and services. By defining the target market, the organization can customize its services to better match the needs of that specific market segment.
The market segmentation for Udemy can be broken down into three sections. (Udemy...

However Udemy focuses on skill based adult training. Udemy Co-founder, Eren explains “Our strong suit is, I’m going to learn something very practical and I’m going do something with it.” (Entrepreneurial insights 2014). Furthermore Udemy has a large pool of 18,000 instructors. This creates competition amongst the instructors as users have a wide range of options to choose from, which compels instructors to provide high quality educational content and promotes innovation. This has contributed to the reputation Udemy has today.
Revenue generation
Udemy generates its revenue through a revenue share model. Instructors and students can register for free on its website and instructors are able to advertise their training materials on the website for no extra cost. When a student makes a purchase on the website the respective instructor is charged a percentage of the fee based on the marketing program Instructors have chosen. The table below illustrates this. – (Udemy Support...
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