unit 3 assignment 4

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 Unit 3

Mica Shufflebotham

Introduction to Marketing

Assignment 4

Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate- Information sheet 1
Customers and consumers
A person that purchases for the product or service is a customer, whereas the consumer is the ultimate user of the product or service. A person can be both the customer and consumer. This applies to Cadburys consumer markets, and the customer may not be the end user of the product. For example, if you buy a Cadburys dairy milk chocolate bar for your friend, you are the customer and your friend is the consumer. Cadburys must achieve the defining and profiling of consumer markets to be successful marketers. They define potential customers and consumers in terms of: What they want for the price?

What ways of communication they can be best reached through? What they expect from the product itself?
What method of distribution will be most convenient for them?

Buyers including business to business
It is not only individuals in the consumer marketplace that have the potential to buy, as buyers also exist in the business to business market. B2B markets are individuals that have the responsibility of purchasing on behalf of the business. Cadbury have both individual and business to business consumers. They trade with all major supermarkets and superstores, but also sell to local and private shops. This way they can broaden their distribution and reach customers and consumers everywhere. Influence over purchasing decisions

Marketers such as Cadbury need to identify buyer behaviours, as this puts the company in a better position to target the products at particular markets. Buyer behaviour is primarily focused on the needs and wants of individuals, groups and businesses. It is important for Cadbury to understand the relevance of human needs over buyer behaviour. For example, for the products targeted at young children, it is the parents who have influence over purchasing decisions. Market segmentation

A market segment consists of a large identifiable group within a market, with similar needs, purchasing power, buying attitudes, buying habits and geographical location. Segment marketing allows Cadbury to create a better product, priced appropriately for a target audience. It helps them to identify their most and least profitable customers, allowing them to focus their marketing on the customer who will be most likely to buy their products.

GHD Straighteners- Information sheet 2
Customers and Consumers- including B2B
Within GHD’s consumer markets they provide for both customers and consumers, with the majority of sales generated from business to business sales. For example, a customer may buy a pair of GHD’s for themselves witch would make them the customer and consumer. A mother may also buy them as a birthday present for their daughter, which would make the mother the customer and the daughter the end consumer. GHD have a wide female market and continue to be the market leader for professional styling irons, complementary wet products and other hair styling accessories sold through over 50,000 professional hair salons globally. For GHD to continue being the market leader for styling irons, they must define what factors affect their customers and consumers in terms of how much they are willing to pay for the product, which distribution method best suits the customers and B2B customers and which communication is best suited for their current and potential customers. Influence over purchasing decisions

There are many factors that can affect the decision making process as a person works through the purchase decision. The number of potential influences on consumer behaviour is limitless. However, marketers are well served to understand the KEY influences. By doing so they may be in a position to tailor their marketing efforts to take advantage of these influences in a way that will satisfy the consumer and the marketer. GHD have to consider many factors that...
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