Why We Hate Hr?

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The Issue here we are addressing in this assignment bellow is the problems of Human Resource Management, the author here has through the topic “Why we hate HR?” Has come out with all Issues faced such by the human resource management – managers and their quite a number of times having the disconnect with the employees at most times. He has started his case by bring up “why does human-resource do not do such a good job – and how can we fix it?, then he continues with the Sarcastic criticism of the general outlook of people towards HR – that the HR people just find a great excuse of partying – by calling it a HR leadership training program at the most expensive resorts. Considered by many as a waste of time.

Answering of Queries asked:

Analysis of the case and identifying the issues regarding the practice of HRM: 1)” HR people aren’t the sharpest tacks in the box.” There is an increasing gap between the capabilities of those functioning in HR and the business intelligence needed for them to be successful strategic partners in a business organization. Anthony Rucci, EVP at Cardinal Health Inc., summarizes this in one statement, “…business acumen is the single biggest factor that HR professionals in the U.S. lack today.” Therefore soft skills are not enough. The core burden of Human resource Manager is to serve the organization’s business objectives; therefore, if Human Resource Manager does not understand all aspects of business, he or she will not be able to do his or her duties effectively. Those skills must be used in context with the strategic function of the company. 2. “HR pursues efficiency in lieu of value.” The departments waste a lot of time reporting efficiency measures such as the percentage of workers with superior training or the degree of worker satisfaction because it is easier to measure than the impact of those activities on the organization’s bottom line. Human Resource departments argues that these activities and metrics are important to know, but those metrics don’t sustain in a vacuum. Most program and/or activity that the HR division endorsements and implementation must bring significant value to the companies and help it achieve soaring performance. Just as the metric ‘Return on Investment’ explicates the impact of investments on an individual’s or an organization’s bottom line, so must the mangers of this department develop a similar metric to understand the financial impact their activities have on the success of an organization. 3. “HR isn’t working for you.” Human Managers, once believed to be an advocate for the employees, is now seen as a ‘bad cop’ or a puppet of the top management. They are seen as the “rule enforcer” to ensure equality across the organization. In the age of lawsuits, low state of compliance is easier to manage and justify than exceptions to the rule and the fear of litigation, hence leaving the organization’s corporate assets vulnerable, has pushed the Human Resource Manager (as the organization’s representative) toward a “one-size-fits-all” approach to managing the workers. The eventuality approach to understanding organizations clearly argues that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach ignores the unique contributions individuals bring to an organization, which is what drives organizational success in the end. Finally If the HR division reports to the CFO, this reinforces the belief that costs and liabilities must be managed at the cost of individual differences. 4. “The corner office doesn’t get HR (and vice versa).” For any number of reasons, not least of which is the obsolete notions of the HR department’s role of solely the picnic planner to boost employee morale, most organizations do not understand nor empower Human resource to play a strategic role, even when Human Resource has the ability and desire to do so. The assumption among many top Officials is that there can only be two stances: one that takes a softer approach, dealing with employee needs,...
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