Why We Hate Hr

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Management Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: February 20, 2012
The article Why We Hate HR by Keith Hammonds, deputy editor for Fast Company, discusses the ineffectiveness human resources have on a company. He very boldly argues that HRM’s striving to become involved in strategic business planning and to have “a seat at the table” are inhibited by the routine functions of HR and administrative expectations (Hammonds, 2005, p. 1). Hammonds’ article develops claims that lead up to his conclusion that HR is a wasted talent for a company to utilize to gain differentiation, competiveness, and value. The critiques Hammonds used to define human resources can be used to explore the potential value and capabilities HR has to offer a business and possibilities of a company gaining in the HR area of the work force.

Hammonds argues that the focus on performance impedes on an organization’s ability to deliver value to employees and customers. “You’re only effective if you add value,” he quotes Dave Ulrich, “… you’re not measured by what you do but by what you deliver,” (Hammonds, p. 3). In order to achieve added value, organizations can consider adopting new HR practices. In R. Wayne Mondy’s Human Resource Management text book, the evolution of HR is discussed with a simple conclusion that there is no pattern for how human resource tasks are now achieved. The only certainty is that the previously identified HR functions must still be accomplished. Each company must choose the appropriate vehicle for doing these tasks based on specific needs and goals, (Mondy, 2010, p. 15). Some companies may have to resort back to the basics of HR. If business colleges adopted new teaching methods and foundations for HR, young professionals will be able to contribute innovated HR practices that may result in a more valuable firm, as well as more strategized business planning. However, implementing change in the workplace may be more difficult than expected. In order for HR to be more innovative and valuable to the business strategy, the...
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