A Beautiful Mind

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Cesilee Molina

Diagnosis and Treatment

In the movie A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe plays as John Nash; an incredibly intelligent man with an abnormal personality and opposition for people. The movie starts with Nash attending Princeton college in 1945 where he later attempts to make a very large breakthrough in mathematics. He appears to be highly stressed and tends to stray away from others. John's expressions are at times inappropriate and quite frank, he says what comes to mind no matter how it may come across or be perceived. He understands that he does not possess an inviting personality and has no problem with it. John is able to easily identify the solution to math problems and stay focused on his work.

John Nash suffers from schizophrenia, a brain disease where they symptoms transform the mind. Though one of the symptoms plays to his benefit periodically, it ultimately leaves him in turmoil. One of John's positive symptoms of schizophrenia is that he has delusions of those that are in his life. His delusions can be traced back to the appearance of his roommate and best friend Charles, in graduate school. John also has the delusion of Charles' young niece Marcee, who he adores and accepts as another important person in his life. After doing work at the Pentagon, John again has delusions of a coworker William Parcher; who gives John assignments to complete for the Department of Defense. While completing some of his assignments, John becomes very paranoid of Russians chasing him and he develops erratic behaviors, another symptom of schizophrenia.

Those who experience the positive symptoms of schizophrenia typically lose a grasp of reality and have the symptoms present at random. John also was a schizophrenic with positive symptoms, that lost a grasp of what was fictitious and entity. A positive symptom of schizophrenia are the presence of hallucinations, sensory experiences without sensory stimulation, where one will see or hear things that are not present in reality.(Myers 2009:638) John also has hallucinations of his best friend and coworker William, where he engages in conversations with them and allows them to be a part of his life. One may also hear commands in their head or feel as if someone is touching them when there is really no one their in reality. Another positive symptom is the presences of delusions where one has bizarre thinking with distorted beliefs that are false. John starts to believe that certain magazines and newspapers have hidden messages or codes that he needs to detect and turn into the Department of Defense. He starts to suspect that Russian spies are after him and imagines people are following him. John also experiences the symptom of disorganized thinking where he expresses all the random thoughts he has in a cluster. For the most part this symptom of schizophrenia aids John in his mathematical genus findings, and his jumbled thoughts allow him to make discoveries and solve problems quite quickly and accurately. It is when John is on medication that he experiences the absence of the disorganized thinking and he realizes it takes him a little longer to make certain connections with his work. Those with negative symptoms often become lazy and unmotivated to do daily activities or keep up with their hygiene and often need assistance.(Mental Help) Negative symptoms of schizophrenia can be misconstrued for depression because there is a lack of motivation to participate in daily activities. A negative symptom is the absence of inappropriate behaviors such as expressionless faces, and rigged bodies.(Myers 2009:638) The flat affect is a symptom that some schizophrenics experience where they have no emotion or their emotion is inappropriate to the situation. Those who experience the catatonia symptom are motionless for hours and have strange body movements. John does not experience the negative symptoms for the most part. I feel it is John's personality that he is not very...
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