A Crime Scene

Topics: Tears, Crying, Sadness Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: February 11, 2013
English Essay 27 Jan 2013 Dyron Frost Mrs. Lagan

Picture with crime seen

Standing there shocked my face changing colors from blue to red every few seconds because of the police cruiser emergency lights. This is a scene which not many people have experienced, yet might just have to one day. This is a scene which I had hoped that I would never have had to witness or be a part of, unfortunately, being me, it never worked out that way.

There is a deafening silence in the air; no sounds can be heard except for the wheels of the gurney that exits from the ambulance. Everything feels like it is moving so much slower than what it is supposed to, I feel like I am moving three times quicker than everyone else, it makes me sick!

I try to convince myself that I am dreaming, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. So I try to keep my mind busy. I look up at the sky, the clouds have perfect symmetry, and they are as white as can be with an orange undertone. It looks like a picture that Michael Angelo painted; it was too perfect to be real. I then realized that this picture does not suit the scene of which I stand in front of. The scene belongs in a Steven King novel, it was horrific.

Standing there I started to lose sense of time. I then suddenly felt a deep sadness fall over me, my legs became weak and I could feel my gag reflex starting up. It took me quite a while to regain control over my own body. I then looked up and thought to myself that I should take this unfortunate event head on. I pushed the boundary limits of the crime scene before I was finally pulled back by a police officer, I shrugged him off but you caught hold of me again and tugged even harder, pulling me off balance. I didn’t know what was going on with my feelings, I was...
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