A Review of a Beautiful mind and Its Depictions of Schizophrenia

Topics: Schizophrenia, Disorganized schizophrenia, Psychosis Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: October 27, 2013
A Review of a Beautiful Mind and Its Depictions of Schizophrenia Introduction:
In the year 2001 the movie A Beautiful Mind was released as a biography of the life of John Nash. As the movie flows, we can easily see how his condition, schizophrenia, interferes with his personal life as well as with his home life and social life. The movie does a good job in describing Nash’s experiences and some of the help that put him back on his feet, and that motivated him to stay strong. Plot Review:

The movie A Beautiful Mind begins with an odd young mathematician by the name of John Forbes Nash Jr. who is attending Princeton University in 1948. There is where he meets his roommate Charles, which is his first hallucination, but we don’t know that until later on. While at Princeton, Nash discovers a mathematical theorem and becomes a professor at MIT. John soon gets married to one of the graduate students by the name of Alicia, but shortly after that is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Nash believes he is some sort of spy because one of his hallucinated agents told him he had to work for the government because his profile is very high. Nash believes his hallucinations are real and he has to be taken to special psychological hospital. Nash never loses the support from his wife Alicia. She does have a hard time, but she tries to deal with his condition because of the love she has for him. Alicia and his baby are the only ones that are there to motivate him, but he suddenly gives in once again and fails to demonstrate that he is completely in the real world; Nash parts from society and has many hallucinations once again with Charles, Charles niece, and William, which is the man that makes Nash believe he is working for the government. Nash decides to give it his all for the love of his wife and son, after realizing that William and his other hallucinations are not real life. Nash works with his condition by avoiding and ignoring Charles, the little girl, and William; although...
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