A Beautiful Mind

Topics: Schizophrenia, Delusion, Psychosis Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Montejo, Lei Ann Mary M. Mr. Arianne Jamison,RN, MAN BSN-3 Clinical Instructor

“A Beautiful Mind”

I. Identify the behaviors manifested by John Nash on the different phases of Schizophrenia. a. Prodromal Phase
* John Nash often isolate himself, he stays alone in his bedroom. * He stops spending time with his family and real existing friends. * Inappropriate or blunted emotions.
* He became clumsy.
* He drinks alcohol.
b. Acute Phase
* Hallucinations
* Delusions
* Grossly disorganized behavior
c. Residual Phase
* Lack of emotional expression
* Low energy
* Decrease libido
* Strange beliefs
II. Identify the different behavioral symptoms as depicted in the different situations in the movie. Signs/symptoms| Situations |
* Auditory Hallucinations * He isolates himself. * Clumsiness * Disorganized behavior * Forgetful * Delusion of persecution * Decreased Libido| * When John met his imaginary roommate named Charles Herman. * When he was engaged in a non-existing Nazi’s code breaking war with Parcher. * When he met Charles little niece named, Marcee. * He isolates himself by going and studying in the library or in his bedroom while writing mathematical equations of moving dynamics in the windows. * He was clumsy right after playing * When John Nash locked himself on their room while Alicia, his wife was curious at the same time worried. * John forgot to wrap his gift for Alicia’s birthday. * John Nash can no longer satisfy the sexual needs of her wife.|

Assessment| Nursing Diagnosis|
1. Inadequate physical environment for providing care 2. Inability to complete care giving tasks| Caregiver role strain as evidenced by difficulty performing required activities.| 3....
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