E-Trade: A Talking Infant, Financial Systems, and Golf

Topics: Golf, Super Bowl XLII, Stock market Pages: 4 (1668 words) Published: October 12, 2012
E*Trade: A Talking Infant, Financial Systems, & Golf
What do a talking baby, stock markets, and golf all have in common? Nothing, right? Wrong. E*Trade – a popular public online financial services group – uses all three of these entities to create a commercial that has had people talking for years. When the commercial is over, you are left in shock at what you just saw, a baby in a high-chair talking about the stock market. But will the ad’s weirdness produce sales of the company’s program for years to come as well? Or just make it a highly talked about YouTube video? To the contrary, E*Trade does a professional job in conveying its message of simplicity to “average Joes” who are looking to either become day traders, start a retirement fund, or even banking. E*Trade’s main audience is not a person with a net worth or five million dollars. E*Trade is looking to sell their product to “average joe” type clients. It can be assumed this because E*Trade uses the financial term “401k” in their commercial; this is the most popular tax investment form everyone has. The main character of the commercial is “The E*Trade Baby,” but there’s a catch, the baby speaks with a mature older man’s voice. This adds a sense of weirdness to the commercial right off the bat. One may question the validity of a company whose commercials star a talking baby, but this is a clever marketing approach because if people see a talking baby, something they don’t see every day, they will immediately become engaged in the commercial. E*Trade uses a baby as a symbol for inexperience, simplicity and an older man’s voice for knowledge. E*Trade wants to show the audience that if a baby can you use the program, so can the audience. They also want to show knowledge, that E*Trade is a reliable and trusted company, so they use the voice of an older man to portray legitimacy. E*Trade wants to declare that “Yes, this is a legit company and yes, we’re simple to use,” so a talking baby fits in perfectly to...
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