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Harshad Number

Question Number 1 Points: 5.00/5.00 Question Text What event marks the line between the Old English and Middle English periods? Your Answer B. the Norman invasion Question Number 2 Points: 0.00/5.00 Question Text What was the effect of the Norman conquest on the language of Britain? Your Answer . The upper class spoke French Question Number 3 Points: 0.00/5.00 Question Text Why is Beowulf an epic poem? Your Answer It is about a hero who represents cultural values....

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Projectile Motion Lab Report

We had to use multiple meter sticks to measure the distance. After sticking the meter sticks together to get a long range, this could easily throw off your calculations for distance. With all the formulas involved, it is possible to type a wrong number into the calculator. I believe our calculations for velocity and distance from the trials at different angles give a good picture projectile motion. If a ball is shot up in the air at an angle 45°, it has a greater distance and velocity than a ball...

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Maths Paper Unit 1 Higher Nov10

Centre Number For Examiner’s Use Candidate Number Surname Other Names Examiner’s Initials Candidate Signature Pages General Certificate of Secondary Education Higher Tier November 2010 Mark 2–3 4–5 6–7 Mathematics 43601H 10 – 11 Unit 1 Tuesday 9 November 2010 9.00 am to 10.00 am For this paper you must have: l H 12 TOTAL a calculator l 8–9 mathematical instruments. Time allowed l 1 hour Instructions l Use black ink or black...

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QLT1 Task 5

proceeding the 40 hours. The distance to both facilities are very close, making diving distance obsolete. The mother will need to use daycare for 50 hours a week and is trying to determine which option would be cheapest. B. Let x represent the total number of hours Let y represent the total cost of daycare in dollars. The home based daycare is $5.00 and hr y = 5x The center based daycare has a flat rate of $185.00 for 40 hours a week, and then $8.00 an hour for any additional hours. for x...

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Operation Management Questions

prepare the food ingredients it provides its individual restaurants. The company is attempting to determine the location for a new distribution centre that will service five restaurants. The grid-map coordinates of the five restaurants and the annual numbers of 40-foot trailer trucks transported to each restaurant are as follows: Restaurant | Coordinates | Annual Truck Shipments | | x | y | | 1 | 100 | 300 | 35 | 2 | 210 | 180 | 24 | 3 | 250 | 400 | 15 | 4 | 300 | 150 | 19 | 5 | 400 |...

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Chickens And Rabbits

chicken and each rabbit has one head, the number of chickens and dogs together is 50. Each chicken has two legs and each rabbit has four legs; so together the 50 animals have 120 legs. Check to see if the problem has a possible solution. The minimum number of legs possible would be if all 50 animals were chickens; that would be 50*2=100 legs. The solution is derived by multiplying 50 the number of heads by 2 the number of legs a chicken has. The highest number possible of legs would be if all 50 animals...

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Ncc Case

process? Refer to the power point presentation. 2. What is the maximum long-term achievable throughput rate of receiving Plant 1? What factors affect this throughput rate? The Truck arrival rate is at 20 Trucks/Hr. This year based on the numbers there is going to be 70% Wet and 30% Dry Berries. Dried Berries: Throughput rate = 30% of 20 Trucks = 6 truck (dried)/hr @ 75 bbls = 450bbls/hr Wet Berries: Current Throughput rate possible = 600 bbls/hr or 8 Trucks/hr (Bottleneck) Since...

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Concentration Affects the Rate of Oxygen Production When Raw Liver (Catalyse), and Hydrogen Peroxide Is Mixed

effect on oxygen production since the enzymes are working to their full capacity. In a reactant where one or both reactants are in high concentration, the particles are crowded close together and will collide more often, resulting in an increased number of collisions. So in this context, the higher the concentration of the substrate in a solution, the greater the chance it will have colliding, and as a result binding to the active site of an enzyme and forming an enzyme-substrate complex. This theory...

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Stonehaven Inc

to lower efficiency Similar products, higher efficiency. Time and innovation is less Batch size thus has to be chosen depending on factors as follows:     The batch size depends on the different categories of shoes being produced and the number of variants in each category. The batch size also depends on the various production and inventory strategy. If the companies go for highly customized products, i.e., Make-to- order Strategy, the batch size is smaller. The batch size depend on the...

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Mrs. Lee Went To The Tour To Japan Analysis

(hand/ hands) and become friends again. 153. She can’t see what is written on the blackboard without her contact _______________ (len/ lens) 154. The two sisters took _______________ (turn/ turns) at sitting up with their sick mother. 155. Quite a number of _______________ (DJ/ DJs) have extended their careers to singing. 156. If you want to get well, you should take the doctor’s _______________ (advice/ advices). 157. Mary never does her _______________ (homework/ homeworks) 158. Johnny has lost...

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