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Hong Kong

tourism industry in Hong Kong further lost its lustre? For years, a huge amount of tourists from all over the world had flooded into the territory in search for Hong Kong¡¦s shoppers¡¦ and gourmets¡¦ paradise. However, recently, Hong Kong seems losing its edge in luring tourists. Hong Kong used to supply goods with cheap prices because of its simple tax system which charges low tax on almost every item except cigarette and alcohol. Because of that, clothes in Hong Kong are of good quality but...

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Obesity in Hong Kong

Obesity in Hong Kong Introduction The problem of obesity in Hong Kong is a significant issue that the community as a whole is trying to arouse public awareness to it. According to the statistics provided by a research done by the Hong Kong Department of Health, the estimated percentage of overweight and obese of the whole population in Hong Kong are 17.8% and 21.2% respectively(Hong Kong Department of Health 2009). This report will elaborate more on the reasons for obesity and the suggest preventive...

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Air Pollution in Hong Kong

poor air quality in Hong Kong and around the Pearl River Delta is not only a regional problem, but a global concern that could undermine Hong Kong¡¦s competitiveness. This has been reflected in the difficulties of attracting and retaining high-skilled workers and reluctance of giving birth to children by the Hong Kong citizens. Source: Department of Community Medicine, School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong The graph above shows the air quality in Hong Kong is far worse than the...

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Hong Kong Landfill Problem

lifestyle of Hong Kong citizens, the 4 major landfills in Hong Kong are going to be saturated. From the government’s words, these landfills will be fully saturated before late 2010s. The situation is getting worse in these years, as people have no improvement in their consumption style. They are not aware of their responsibility on reducing waste. Also, people cannot develop the routine on recycling, and send much unnecessary rubbish to the landfill. With the rare land resources in Hong Kong, we cannot...

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Hong Kong Culture

Submission Date: 21 March 2013 Based on the Hong Kong’s cultural traits of Geert Hofstede’s research, Hong Kong has high level of power distance index, medium level of masculinity, low level of uncertainty avoidance index and low level of individualism. I partly agree with the results. I only agree the first three of cultural traits of Hong Kong and I think Hong Kong is more likely to be medium level of individualism. About the power distance index, Hong Kong has high level result is quite proper....

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Hong Kong Kids

phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids I The Phenomenon of Hong Kong Kids THE PHENOMENON OF HONG KONG KIDS II Abstract In recent years, children who born after 1990s are labeled “Hong Kong kids”. The comments towards “Hong Kong kids” are mostly negative. This paper is aimed to discover “Hong Kong kids” characteristic, and the cause of this phenomenon. Throughout examining “Hong Kong kids”, it can...

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Country report Hong Kong

 1. Introduction Hong Kong, with only 1100 ㎢ land, is regarded as the one of the most success country in global market. Although, to be exact, Hong Kong is the special administrative regions of China and isn’t independent country, because of the agreement ratified when Hong Kong was returned from U.K in 1998, Hong Kong is given high autonomy from mainland china by owning individual law system and, then, is seems as the virtually independent country in international business and economics; many...

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The Housing Problem in Hong Kong

Calvin & Tiffunny The housing problem in Hong Kong In 28 Dec.,2012, Greenview Villa began to accept Interested buyers, the initial enthusiastic response from the rigid demand of the property market property prices, has received about 600 copies of the first day of registration, to reflect the rigid housing demand in Hong Kong strong, to face a serious shortage of supply, high property prices high, and the public in buying difficult, apart from rising rents lead to the living environment...

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Hong Kong and Disneyland

As Disney tried to expand their empire further into Asia, they were not at all as successful as they had originally expected. With the success of Tokyo Disney Resort producers of Hong Kong Disney were projecting the same experiences to happen in Hong Kong. By using the failures found in Disneyland Resort Paris they knew what not to do in order to achieve greater worth of the Disney name abroad. Though Tokyo and Paris are completely different cultures, the adaptation of each culture was done in...

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Ecotourism in Hong Kong

The image of Hong Kong is well known as “shopper’s paradise” and “Pearl of the Orient”. Further, according to the International Market Research Study, it shows that the lack of new appeals in Hong Kong is a significant reason for it not being considered as a vacation destination. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the appeals of Hong Kong. Why not use our existing natural resources as tourist attractions? To maintain the competitiveness, Hong Kong should build up its own unique and special character...

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