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Lingerie brands in India The lingerie market in India is still in its infant stage and, until in recent times, the accessibility of high quality intimate apparel was limited to irregular or grey imports sold under the counter. Because of the limited products and lack of enough specialized and organized retail atmosphere, the fashion realization and quality awareness of the Indian consumer for intimate apparel is yet to be realized. India is also one of the most scattered retail markets in...

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Victoria Secret Essay

their product. Victoria’s Secret models have a distinct level of curiosity and allure that has a certain magnetizing effect on the consumer. This magnetism goes further than the undergarments itself. A recent advertisement from the lingerie company proves that the lingerie is just a prop. In the ad there is a billboard with Erin, a Victoria Secret Angel, who appears to be naked with a bar that is able to be scanned over her breasts as well as a caption that says “Reveal Erin’s Secret.” Once the barcode...

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Victoria's Secret

It is not a secret that Victoria's Secret is one of the most popular lingerie brands in the world. In these past years, the rapid growth of Victoria Secret company in its catalogs and website sales in different countries has seen obviously. According to the bloomberg Businessweek, Victoria’s Secret spends about $220 million a year on the catalogs sent to customers’ homes each year, including postage, creative, printing, paper and circulation, the biggest expense of its direct business. The company...

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Victoria Secret

promoters Strategy Ideas Background : : : : Rizki Rahmat Ridha Victoria Secret April 9, 2013 Victoria Secrets Roadshow Victoria's Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie operating more than 1,000 stores across the U.S. Victoria's Secret has helped, perhaps more than any other brand, attract attention to the lingerie industry. Their advertising campaigns, including the Victoria's Secret Catalog and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show are visually appealing and controversial. The attention...

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Harley Davidson

supposed to be what it looks like. This will be a negative thing in the eyes of those groups. 3. The positive and negative attitudes developed because the brand Pink’s customer base is expanding, what seems normal for an 18-30 years old buying Pink’s lingerie, bras, panties and etc would have a negative image when an 11-15 years old is buying them. 4. It plays the role of a young and fun brand. 5. For me it will not sell in Asia, because of cultural differences, Asians are more conservative. L’Oreal:...

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be human or victorias secret

was inspired by this company. To be honest I am still captivated by this company, not just the products created, but also the dreams that come with the products: being sexy, fabulous, charming and perfect. Victoria's Secret is a famous company of lingerie and beauty products, which was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond in Ohio, United States. The company's slogan is the sale of beauty, being sexy, fabulous and perfect. Since 1995, in the last weeks of November the company Victoria's Secret presents the...

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Victoria Secret Ad: Summary and Response

sexually active but not settled down, to buy lingerie that they can feel good and look sexy in. It is suggestive toward the male population because they are saying their girlfriends should have bras that they can “dress their floors” with, suggesting that women buy the lingerie more so for their man. This relates to the sexism in our society today by how it’s making women feel like they need to please their man before themselves. Before all the provocative lingerie advertisements presented today, women...

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Victoria Secret : Keeping the Brand Hot

customer The buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer can be split into five different stages, which can be found in the text studied. The first stage is for the buyer or to recognize the need for the product for instance in this case « lingerie ». Teens and tweens are the main targets for Pink's products ; they are in a hurry to change over to maturity in terms of what they wear and what they look like. With regards to Pink’s products, the young consumers recognize the need for women and...

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Victoria's Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hip

brilliant job of creating an association with the Victoria Secret brand and the visual image of lingerie that immediately comes to mind. They do this by using famous super models to market their signature bras, panties and sleepwear. This association is then projected back on the consumer, who begins to believe that they can be just a seductive as the Victoria Secret supermodels if they purchase this lingerie. A dilemma that may arise from this is that sometimes ethical boundary lines may become blurred...

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Victoria Secret: the Pink Line

dissatisfied. 2. According to the text, market analyzers and parents of consumers are screaming foul with the Pink Line. Although the Pink Line is a sub store and in some cases a separate store altogether, it is still within the same realm as the lingerie line Victoria Secret is so famous for. They are tied into one another. The cute patterns and cute pink mascot bring a sense of innocence to the product line and intrigues tweens and young teens who will usually have PINK written across their behinds...

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